Body Contouring

Body Contouring means shaping the planes of the body, giving a tighter and smoother appearance to the skin and not weighThese are not volume enhancers but a superficial skin filler that gets you used to what fillers would look like – so if you want to try a lip enhancement but are scared, go in for boosters.

Boosters can be used with dermarollers too, this is a great option if you fear injections.

Otherwise the technique does involve multiple injections and bruising is always a downside.

They work beautifully in hand rejuvenation with no side effects of deep fillers, and the result is smooth young hands.
To lift your skin from within, without the fear of fillers, boosters are your go-to loss.

Cellulite doesn’t mean fat but in reality means the fluid that collects between the fat cells and gives us an unsightly appearance of the thighs, abdomen and arms at times.

Technology nowadays help to break fat, but one must remember to not get carried away with marketing and to ask that in a non-surgical procedure, even if you liquefy fat where does it drain off?

What we do is get rid of localised fat deposits by injectables or even using dermarollers at times, and combining a radio frequency or laser technologies to drain and dissipate the fat simultaneously, improving skin appearance.

If you are looking for fat loss without an effort, then it’s a fallacy. Concomitant exercise, diet and our treatments help give you that smooth, taut and shapely body you crave for.

Radio frequency (RF) skin tightening is a non-surgical body contouring treatment in which RF energy is introduced to the skin. It creates measurable electrical currents that reshape and contract the skin’s collagen and then tightens the surface of the skin. RF energy penetrates both the epidermis and the dermis to tighten and rejuvenate the skin, but it causes no damage to existing skin cells.

The effects of the treatment can be attributed to heat that is generated by the RF waves and its ability to stimulate the protein fibres that keep the skin elastic. During treatment, the RF waves penetrate the skin to tighten it from the inside out, as they stimulate collagen fibroblast production, which triggers the production of fresh collagen fibres resulting in tighter, tauter skin which is noticeably younger.

Those who choose radio frequency skin tightening should keep in mind that depending on the strength of the treatment, it will require three or more sessions to see any visible results and that treatments need to be repeated several times during the year.

We combine radio frequency in forms of Vela Shape, EMW, Fractional with Mesotherapy, Injectable Fat Busters and Stretch Mark Reduction injectables, because it is all within a package.